I have two pieces of advice for perspective brides. One: Interview your wedding photographer to make sure you like them. It’s not only about their work. You’ll be spending your entire wedding day with them, so make sure they laugh just as much as you do! Two: Choose a photographer whose work meets your expectations. My photography is about capturing candid moments and real emotion in an artful way. Light, color and emotion are what I do best. Well, that and eating wedding cake!

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If my house were on fire the first thing I’d save are the photographs of my friends and family. My fine art photography could wait. In the end, it’s the photos of those you love that matter most. Family photography is more than documenting a moment in time. For me, it’s about capturing images that preserve your precious memories for years to come.

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I love creating art, but it’s the people and cultures I experience while traveling that make it so rewarding. My camera acts as my guide, allowing me access to people’s lives that I would otherwise never meet. I feel blessed to be a photographer. Not because of the images I bring home, but because photography demands that I become an active participant in that which I’m experiencing, ultimately connecting me to the world in a much more intimate way.

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Infant Photography Jackson Hole

Newborns and little ones are best captured in and around their home. For maximum comfort, convenience and results, I work on location at a time when the star is at their best. Ten minutes with a happy baby is far better than two-hours with a fussy one! Give me ninety minutes with your child and I promise you a photograph you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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